Golfers Giving Back!

P5C have initiated a donation fund to provide cash to go towards a food bank at each golf club. We are negotiating with each course separately, to encourage them to meet our monthly donation with the same.

At this time Bali Beach have agreed to this proposal! We are still awaiting confirmation from our other golfing partners but we will continue to raise our donations at each course regardless.

These funds will go toward providing golfing staff, a food hamper each month containing the important staples for Indonesian meals for themselves and their family during this time of heavily reduced income.

From the 1st of April, at all our regular club days, golfers will still be encouraged to pay their competition registration. This registration fee immediately becomes a donation toward that club’s food bank.

There will still be winners of the daily comp’s and during this time instead of receiving ‘prize money’ out of the comp registration pot, winners will be announced through our usual social media channels and certainly given a healthy round of applause from players on the day for supporting this worthy cause and playing fantastic golf!

We will try our best to source ‘gifts’ from the clubs to stand as a ‘prize’ in place of the ‘prize money’ and this will be announced prior to play when and if we have these prizes at hand.

Players who do not wish to donate/pay the registration fee are still welcome to play golf with their friends on the day and submit their card to count toward their handicap.

Finally, we ask all of you, whether you currently choose to play golf or not, to dig deep into your pockets to see if you can afford to share any extra that you have, to go toward these fine people who help us achieve our golfing fun and experiences throughout the year in certainly much better times, and times that will soon be back again.

To kick start us P5C will donate Rp. 5,000,000 directly from our club’s charity fund.

Please contact Sami Benafia ( / +62 81337545540) or on the newly reopened Par 5 Club chat group to tell him and all of us of your extra donation and make arrangements for us to receive that.


Thank you all in advance, stay well and healthy.


Pete Manuel

For the Captains and Committee