1. Club days will run per our current schedule. However, moving forward we will implement any changes as required by the golf courses and/or by the Indonesian Govt.
  2. Conveners have agreed to continue to run comp’s where a suitable number of golfers have booked and show up. Conveners will be suitably safe about ‘touch’ points i.e. wear gloves/mask at check in and handling cash and scorecards.
  3. Committed bookings must be made per the WhatsApp chat group – cutoff 2 hours prior to play, so we can decide whether the round will be convened or not. Groups will be allocated or arranged in advance, and are encouraged to follow social distancing guidelines while on the course, and pre and post round.
  4. Golfers are encouraged to avoid ‘touch points’ with other players or caddies or the following –
  • high fives and hand shakes
  • touching or pulling the flag stick (caddies are generally wearing gloves, leave it to them)
  • rakes in the bunker
  • seriously consider F&B. Know what you are drinking from.
  1. Golfers are encouraged to hand sanitize and wash hands regularly.
  2. Golf clubs with carts now operate ONE GOLFER per cart
  3. Players to complete own scorecards
  4. Players are encouraged to pick up their own ball from the hole
  5. Please follow local rules at each golf course
  • Even if you feel slightly ‘off colour’ – stay at home.


These guidelines are there to raise awareness and to continue to keep members safe during these extraordinary times.
We shall follow all guidelines and protocols set out by the Indonesian Govt, and keep you fully updated if and as they change.