Dear Members

Five weeks ago we started the ‘Golfers Giving Back’ initiative with priority on helping staff at our regular golf courses, who like many all over Bali, are struggling right now.

There are many good causes to support and P5C has raised 10’s of thousands of dollars for charitable causes in Bali. But right now, our focus is on supporting the golf staff at all the courses that support us, and allow us year round enjoyment in normal circumstances and continue to do so even now, in these uncertain times. And remember, this is not just about the caddies, but the green-keepers, the pro-shop staff et al – all are struggling through this.

Firstly a massive thanks goes to all the golfers that have donated their club day registration fees each time they have played over the past 5 weeks. These funds would normally be redistributed as prizes, so thanks goes to these WINNERS!!

Nuno Teixeira, Sam Rojas, Amanah Aliasari, Eric Bonhoure, Idriss Lawani, Ronald Jenkins, Steve Curry, Francois Trinet, Hans Schutte, Raima Gaden, Josip Janes, Benjamin Sors, Yvan Connal, Rudy Tringali, Vincent Chanliau and all of the runners up!

BBGC    10,416,000
BN            8,766,000
NKG         6,716,000

These monies have been accumulated course by course and now will be distributed back to those courses by the way of food banks at each venue.

Additionally, P5C has donated 5million rupiah directly from our Charity Fund to aid the cause, and we have received direct transfers of significant amounts from a few of our non-playing overseas members, Jeff Jenkins, Kenny Obodin and Gavin Cowell. Greatly appreciated, gentlemen.

While this is a great start, much much more is needed to continue to provide help month by month during this crisis.
We ask that you dig deep and find a little extra to help us achieve that.

You can donate directly to one of the bank accounts below or contact Club Manager Sami, to organize your donation.


Indonesian Bank

Permata Bank – Denpasar

Acct #                 4122480750

Acct Name:         Peter John Manuel

Australian Bank

NAB           Perth

BSB           086-006

Acct #        917375760

Acct Name Par5 Golf Social Club

Finally, we invite you to join us on the following days as we present our food bank offering to the golf clubs. Please do let us know if you are coming so we can arrange accordingly.

BBGC – Friday 8th May at 10AM

BNGC – Thursday 7th May at 9AM

NKGC – Thursday 7th May at 11AM


Pete Manuel

Chairman P5C

For the Captains and Committee